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Terry Cornell Jr.

About Terry Cornell Jr.

Terry Cornell Jr., a former member of the United States Air Force, embodies the virtues of professionalism, tenacity, and attention to detail. He wants to help others and lend his skills wherever it is needed, bringing these qualities to each of his business ventures. In addition to spending years of his life serving his nation, Terry continues to devote much of his time to aiding injured veterans. Over the course of his career, his expertise in law and public policy has enabled him to succeed in a variety of jobs. Terry participates actively in a number of groups in his neighborhood.

How Advocacy Software can benefit a Lobbying Team

The US civic technology sector is expected to grow significantly over the next few years due to the increasing number of people and organizations using mobile platforms and the technological advancements expected to affect how they interact with government officials. The rise of digital tools has also changed how government relations are conducted.   Online…

Preparing for a State Legislative Session

Organizations can influence federal, state, and local policies through their supporters’ collective voice. This is why associations must develop effective public policy strategies and grassroots advocacy. To effectively prepare for the upcoming legislative session, an association should take the following steps: An advocacy mission statement should be created The mission statement should be aligned with…

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